Here is 2010 short piece we made for an exhibit at the Lichtenstein Arts Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Middle school students in Joshua Hall’s Lee Middle and High School history class selected some of the still photos for this site and the documentary.



Early on, the Paper Mills Documentary Project included students from the Lee Middle School in the process.  Students learned the paper making heritage of their town as teachers found ways to incorporate local history and paper making into the curriculum.  

These photos:  Ricki Cowell held a day-long paper making workshop at her gallery in Tyringham, and Paper Town Projects sponsored the  participation of a middle school student.  Joshua Hall’s Lee Middle School students also selected still photos from the archives to use in this documentary, some of which are on this site.

To date, this project has been supported by Housatonic Heritage, Mass Humanities, High Meadow Foundation, and generous individuals.